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Hammer Limburg begins on Friday June 7 with the Hammer Climb and the next day the Hammer Sprint will take place. The winners of Hammer Limburg 2019 will be decided on Sunday the 9th at the end of the Hammer Chase.

Welcome in Limburg

The region of Zuid-Limburg: in the east it borders on Germany, in the south and west on Belgium. As the centre of this border triangle ‘The Netherlands – Germany – Belgium’, Zuid-Limburg boasts a limitless variety in a small space! In the beginning of the 19th century Limburg was split up into multiple nations. In 1839 the Provence of Limburg was divided into a Dutch and Belgium Provence. Throughout history the Provence had many different influences, like Dutch, German and French, which can still be discovered by cultural activities and typical Limburg food.


Host city of Hammer Climb, Vaals, is known for its ‘Vaalserberg’ where the borders of The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium meet, the so called ‘Drielandenpunt’. Vaals has a historic city centre, which is surrounded by Rolling hills, green forests, vast meadows where you can enjoy leisurely walks and long bike rides.


Both Hammer Sprint and Hammer Chase take place in Sittard-Geleen and will start and finish at the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park, located at Sportzone Limburg. Sittard-Geleen has a charming old city centre and impressive old buildings such as the famous great church.

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