Hammer Hong Kong routes 

All the information you need about the Hammer Sprint and Chase routes for Hammer Hong Kong 2019. Both disciplines take place on the same course.

Route info:

The riders start out heading west on Salisbury Road, past the Garden of Stars towards the first turning point just before Victoria Dockside. From here, they go back along the Kowloon Waterfront on Salisbury Road, making a small loop on Mody Road, past the fan expo village on Urban Council Centenary Garden and the teams’ neutral service area on Mody Road Garden. As the riders come back onto Salisbury Road, they head towards the Hung Hom Bypass where the final U-turn awaits before the last 1.5 km are more or less straight-out towards the finishing line.

Hong Kong map.jpg


  • Sunday, October 13.

  • Start & Finish on Salisbury Road.

  • 6 laps of 3.8 km.

  • Five riders in each team - the time stops when the fourth rider crosses the line.

  • Teams are divided into two groups, Runner-Up and Finalist, based on their position on the leaderboard after the Hammer Sprint.

  • The first team to cross the finishing line in the Finalist Group wins Hammer Hong Kong 2019.


  • Sunday, October 13.

  • Start & Finish on Salisbury Road.

  • 11 laps of 3.8 km.

  • Five riders in each team.

  • Points are awarded to the first 10 riders crossing the finishing line on each lap as per the following points system: 100, 81, 66, 53, 43, 35, 28, 23, 19 & 15. Double points are awarded on lap 4, 8 and 11.

  • The team with the most points at the end of the race wins the Hammer Sprint.