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The Hammer Series 2019 kicks off in Stavanger, Norway.

The first day of competition, the Hammer Climb, will take place on Friday 24th of May. The following day, the Hammer Sprint will be held in the city center of Stavanger. Finally, the winners will be crowned on Sunday 26th as the teams will fight it out in the deciding race, the Hammer Chase.

The event, which is taking place in Stavanger for the second year in a row, is organized by Tour des Fjords AS. Since 2013, the company owned by Stavanger Sykleklubb and Nordsjørittet has been organizing cycling races. One of which being Tour of Norway starting on May 28th in Stavanger and finishing in Hønefoss on June 2nd after 6 stages in the south and est of the country.

Both Hammer Stavanger and Tour of Norway will have extensive TV coverage on TV2 Norway, with several hours of broadcast daily, as well as coverage in several international sports channels making it some of the biggest annual sports events in Scandinavia.

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Event Director - Roy Hegreberg - roy.hegreberg@hammerstavanger.com

Technical Director - Bjarte Eikås - bjarte.eikas@hammerstavanger.com

Service Director - Mari Tangevold - mari.tangevold@hammerstavanger.com

Partner Manager - Alf-Erik Malm - alf-erik@tourofnorway.no

Project Manager - Fredrik Strand Galta - classic@hammerstavanger.com

Hotel Manager - Caroline Nguyen - caroline@tourofnorway.no

Communication Manager - Matthieu Augereau - matthieu.augereau@hammerstavanger.com

Media inquiries/accreditation requests: media@hammerstavanger.com