A 4 day cycling festival packed with entertainment, inspiration and experience


Each day will offer something new for cycling fans to get involved with, and on Saturday, 50km, 75km, 100km and 150km rides will take place.

For 25-30 euros you will receive a BIB number, bottle and the chance to refuel at aid stations on a beautiful course in the direction of Vaals. The start and finish is on the Sportzone safe cycling track, which opens at 7am. After you have finished, there is a bike park with security so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day on site. You can watch the Hammer Sprint in Premium Viewing, where you have an excellent view and stand on the front row.


For beginner riders there is a chance to really drop the Hammer, starting in Sittard and following a nice route out into the countryside in Germany, passed the NATO airbase in Geilenkirchen. You don’t want to miss it.

This route has one aid station and approximately 350 vertical metres of climbing.


For more experienced bikes who want to enjoy the Hammer feeling, there is a beautiful route through the German landscape. This goes further south into Germany, where you can see windmills and rolling green hills. Do you have enough in your legs for 75km and 600m of elevation?

This route also has one aid station.


For the more fanatical rider, the 100km route is a nice challenge. The route goes past the NATO airbase and into the German landscape of the south. The route then passes through a few German cities where hidden hills lie. On the way back, the route goes via Kerkrade, with even more hills. Do you dare to take on the 100km and ride into Germany and back to Sittard?

This route has two aid stations and approximately 1,000 vertical metres of climbing.


For those who really want to drop the Hammer, take on the 150km challenge.

This is a tour with everything. Beautiful landscape, difficult hills, fast flats, and a route via Aachen and Vaals. The pros will be riding this route during the Hammer Climb and it is a chance to test yourself against their times. Upload your timings to Strava and and we will see who took on the Vaalserberg the quickest. If you like to Hammer it on a Saturday morning, then this is the ultimate test for you!

This route has three aid stations and approximately 1,500m of climbing.

Youth Events

Young people have the opportunity to enjoy riding on the new Sportzone Limburg track. On Friday, open youth races for ages 6-12 will be held. It is not necessary to register before for this. The licensed KNWU race is for ages 7-14 and will take place on the Saturday. This is organised by cycling club Bergklimmers.