Hammer Stavanger poised for nail-biting finish

Hammer Stavanger is on a knife-edge with several teams poised to seize victory in third and final racing day, the Hammer Chase.

After two exciting - and extremely hard - days of racing, where the riders have gone all-out trying to score points for their teams, it now all comes down to the Hammer Chase. This team time trial pursuit takes place over three laps on a 16.3 km circuit.

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The 16 teams are divided into two groups, “Runner-Up” and “Finalists”, based on their position on the leaderboard. The Top8 teams are in the Finalists Group, battling for the overall win, while the other eight teams are in the Runner-Up Group. Teams in the Runner-Up Group can challenge for the Hammer Chase win, but not the overall race victory.

The team which completes the Hammer Chase in the fastest time will win the Hammer Chase regardless of the group they started in.

As Team Jumbo-Visma tops the leaderboard after the Hammer Climb and Sprint disciplines, the Dutch team will start off first in the Finalist group. Team Sunweb then follow 30 seconds later, while Mithelton-SCOTT roll off the ramp after additional 28 seconds. The first team to cross the finish line will win Hammer Stavanger overall.

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Below is the full starting order for Hammer Chase. All in local time (CET).

Runner-up Group

Position Team Time gap (secs) Time
1 UAE 0 15:50:00
2 RIW 30 15:50:30
3 EF1 58 15:50:58
4 ICA 83 15:51:23
5 TDD 106 15:51:46
6 DMP 127 15:52:07
7 TFS 147 15:52:27
8 CJR 167 15:52:47

Finalists Group

Position Team Time gap (secs) Time
1 TJV 0 17:05:00
2 SUN 30 17:05:30
3 MTS 58 17:05:58
4 DQT 83 17:06:23
5 LTS 106 17:06:46
6 BOH 127 17:07:07
7 INS 147 17:07:27
8 CCC 167 17:07:47