Meet our Hammer Series 2019 commentators

Hammer commentators.jpg

Next week marks the start of the 2019 Hammer Series and it’s now time to meet our team of commentators who will guide viewers through the all-out racing in Stavanger, Limburg and Hong Kong.

This year, we have experienced cycling commentators Declan Quigley and José Been accompanied by former professional rider and super-sprinter Robbie McEwen in the commentator booth.

Once again, all the Hammer Series races will be available to watch for free via the Hammer social media channels as well as being on television around the world.

Declan Quigley:  “The Hammer Series has been a real joy to watch and a privilege to call on TV. The shorter races are both viewer friendly and require skills in three core disciplines of road racing: sprinting, climbing and team time trialling. The teams have all enthusiastically embraced a concept which requires a commitment to the collective needs of the team and they are all eager to embrace the innovative aspects of the package which includes live rider data, on-bike cameras and behind the scenes footage to bring the fans closer to the heart of the action.”

José Been: “It’s a huge honour for me to be the first English-speaking female lead commentator in professional cycling. I have done Dutch commentary on many races in Norway and the beauty of the country has always been mesmerising. I can’t wait to get to get started and talk the viewers through what I expect to be some amazing Hammer racing in Stavanger.”

Robbie McEwen: “The Hammer Series is truly unique as it combines all the key aspects of cycling in an intriguing team format. Tactics play a huge role and it’s a test of strength & race intelligence. The short races elicit flat-out racing where aggression is rewarded providing viewers with an edge of your seat spectacle. Live streaming makes the Hammer Series accessible to cycling fans worldwide with plenty of interactive conversation happening during the broadcast.”

The first Hammer Series race this year is Hammer Stavanger, taking place from May 24-26. Robbie McEwen and José Been will be our commentators for the event, while McEwen will be joined by Declan Quigley for Hammer Limburg (June 7-9) and Hammer Hong Kong (October 13).