Hammer Stavanger Classic segments

Hammer Stavanger Classic have 3 segments along the route (2 if you ride in the 12km route). You will find more information about it below.

Climb segment

Where: Grisabakken (sørmarkabakken)

KM from start: after 4,5km for all 3 routes.

Facts: 300 meters with 11,2% average gradient. The steepest part is 22%.

Chase segment

Where: from Hellestøstranden to Ølberg.

KM from start: 106km if you participate in the 130km course. 33km if you ride the 50km course.

Facts: 3,4km flat terrain.

Sprint segment

Where: Madlaveien just before the finish.

KM from start: the last 500m before the finish. This is for all 3 routes.

Facts: 500 meters with maximum effort! #Hammerit