About Limburg

Welcome to Limburg

The southernmost region of the Netherlands, with rolling hills, lush meadows and picturesque villages. Experience Limburg’s warm hospitality, be surprised by its culture, and delight in its extraordinary natural beauty. Relax and enjoy life! 

You and your companions will be delighted with all that Limburg has to offer. There is something there to suit every traveler, whether young or old, interested in sports or recreational activities. We invite you to relax and unwind, tot get active and to explore! Just as you like it best. 



The municipality of Vaals, where the Hammer Climb will take place on June 1st, is known for its mountain the Vaalserberg and its Three-Country point. The historical center but also the magnificent countryside is enjoyed by hikers and cyclists alike.


The Hammer Sprint and Hammer Chase take place in the host city of Sittard-Geleen and its world-class Sportzone Limburg sports facility, which includes a brand new and innovative cycling training and testing track, the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park. Sittard-Geleen itself is an exuberant city, packed full of culture and history complemented with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong, growing economy.