About Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, you will find a bustling metropolis endowed with natural beauty; a city where rich Chinese tradition co-exists with cutting-edge global trends; a place where the ancient and modern live side by side. Here, a quick stroll takes you from a traditional street market to a fragrant temple via a state-of-the-art mall. A short ride transports you from towering skyscrapers to unspoilt panoramas of sand and sea. A morning spent hunting for antique watches can be followed by an afternoon hiking on an uninhabited island and capped off with an evening sampling the latest trends in international gastronomy.

Culture, shopping, dining, arts, nature , nightlife … best of all, it’s in Hong Kong! 

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Great Outdoors

Exploring the great outdoors might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a trip to Hong Kong.  After all, it’s just a big city, right? Not exactly! Most of Hong Kong’s land area is rural. Not only that, it’s gorgeously rural with winding mountain trails, spectacular coastal views, remote beaches, charming villages, serene islands, lush woodlands and more. And all of this is within a surprisingly short distance of the downtown. So, when you visit, don’t get so distracted by the urban charms that you forget to discover the real wild side of Hong Kong.

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World of Sports

Hong Kong is known as the events capital of Asia. It is also a hub for global sports events, where you can enjoy major international competitions throughout the year. Among these events, Hong Kong Cyclothon attracts thousands of amateur and professional cyclists every year. The event includes a number of routes that take riders through Hong Kong’s unique contrasts of urban and rural scenery as well as some of its most iconic landmarks, including the spectacular Tsing Ma Bridge, Ting Kau Bridge and Stonecutters Bridge. 

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