The format explained

Hammer Series: The format explained 

The Hammer Series is a revolutionary new cycling format, but what is it and how does it work?

Hammer Series in a nutshell

The Hammer Series a revolutionary cycling event with three races over the three days: the Hammer Climb, Hammer Sprint and Hammer Chase.

Teams are made up of seven riders, but they can field only five riders in each of the three races.

Is it the same as a stage race?

No. While traditional cycling races have individual riders as stage and classification winners, the Hammer Series is all about teams.

The Hammer Climb and Hammer Sprint are points races in which riders will attempt to win points for their team.

Each team’s finishing positions from days one and two are combined to determine their starting place on day three’s Hammer Chase, a team pursuit against the clock.

So how does the Hammer Climb work?

It takes place over multiple laps of a short circuit. On every lap, riders will earn points for their teams depending on their position when they cross the line. The higher the position, the more points. 

The team with the most points will win the Hammer Climb.

And the Hammer Sprint?

Again, it takes place over multiple laps of a short circuit and riders can earn points for their teams by placing as high as possible at the end of each lap.

The team with the most points will win the Hammer Sprint.

And finally, the Hammer Chase?

This is the decisive race. It is a team pursuit over several laps of a circuit.

The participating teams will be ranked by adding together their positions in the first two races, with the lowest total being the top team.

For safety, they will then be split into two groups: the top half will go into Group 1, and bottom half will go into Group 2. Teams in Group 1 can challenge for both victory in the Hammer Chase and overall Hammer Series event. Teams in Group 2 can challenge for the Hammer Chase win, but not overall victory.

Teams in each group will set off at fixed time intervals decided by their ranking.

The team who complete the time trial in the fastest time will be winners of the Hammer Chase.

The team who cross the finish line first in Group 1 will be the winner of that Hammer Series event.